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The High Price of Living Too Long with a Single Dream


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Lovitt Records lov36 Pinebender The High Price of Living Too Long with a Single Dream

Chris Hansen
guitar and vocals
Stephen Howard
Matt Clark
baritone guitar
Summer 2004
August 4th, 2003

Pinebender's Lovitt debut finds the band landing beautiful combinations. The record's "balls"-heavy guitar cannonades are always balanced with astute dynamics. A sense of quietude offsets the bombast, leaving the song brewing with some threat of explosion, a direct (though most likely unaware) response to the oft-fey, post-post rock lineage that led the city through most of the last decade.

THPOLTLWASD is a 48-minute celebration of impossible designs, love lost, and fond farewells to old vices and good friends.

  1. Begin Here
  2. Varsity
  3. Let It Be
  4. Peterson Home
  5. Well-Calibrated Moral Compass
  6. Won't Be Long Now
  7. For The Love Of Everything
  8. Interested in Endings
Recorded at:
Electrical Audio
Produced by:
Pinebender & Greg Norman