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By: Alex Mitrani almost 2 years ago

I like the short speech Ian gives in Interlude 3 very much. I'm listening through the live series and have heard Ian address many audiences on the subject of not being violent and treating other people with respect. This is the best one I have heard so far, it sounds natural but I bet a lot of thought went into it. The tone, content and length are just right. Sounds like most of the audience appreciated it too.

By: Jeffrey M DeBlasio over 2 years ago

Don't worry James McFarland, your memory wasn't too far off of what Ian said. I just relistened to this show and you are referring to Interlude 3. Ian is talking about the dancing being more ritualistic than honest since Fugazi's music is more about setting into a groove, but that there's a place for fast, crazy music/dancing with other bands. Someone yells out "Minor Threat" as an example, and Ian agrees they were one of those bands, but that they broke up in 1983 when most of the audience was about six. He then goes on to say that as important as the past may have been, the present is more important because it still has opportunities in which we're able to participate.

By: James McFarland over 6 years ago

Just purchased and listening to this and my statements about what Ian might have said are just false. I am really sorry, I will listen before I write next time.

By: James McFarland over 6 years ago

I was at this show, and I wrote a short review for a local free paper (can't remember the name of that). Further, I distinctly remember the venue was Tune Inn at that time.
If I recall correctly, this show included an interlude where the playing stopped and Ian spoke to the audience regarding slam dancing and that hurting people was not going to be tolerated. If my memory serves me right, Ian said something to the effect of (not an exact quote): I was slam dancing when you were still in diapers (again, this is only what I recall so it might be inaccurate or incorrect).

I really enjoyed the show, it's the only time I have seen them live. Thanks to you Fugazi for what you do, and I am grateful for having that opportunity to be in your audience.

By: Matt Fuggi over 7 years ago

Was at this show. My old friend Jerry recorded this - he recorded many of the bands that played in New Haven in the late 80s/early 90s. I made a copy off of his master cassette to CDR in the 90s, this is definitely his recording of the show.

By: Tim Neilson about 8 years ago

I am pretty sure it was still called Rockbar at this point. I think the 1st Tune Inn show was in Sept or Oct of 92.

By: Jeffrey M DeBlasio over 11 years ago

I believe the venue was the Tune Inn not Rockbar.

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Fugazi Live Series FLS0430 Fugazi New Haven, CT USA 4/13/1992

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 Shudder to Think, Livestock
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 Warren Russell-Smith
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1. Intro
2. Joe #1
3. And The Same
4. Dear Justice Letter
5. Interlude 1
6. Styrofoam
7. Interlude 2
8. Rend It
9. Reclamation
10. Interlude 3
11. Sieve-Fisted Find
12. Merchandise
13. Last Chance for a Slow Dance
14. Instrument
15. Interlude 4
16. Suggestion
17. Give Me The Cure
18. Long Division
19. Blueprint
20. Promises
21. Reprovisional

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