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All customers will need to create a free personal account in order to make purchases or initiate downloads from the Dischord/Fugazi Live Series website. It is from this My Account page that you can manage your downloads, edit your billing and shipping info and check on the status of your orders.

In order to use the tools in this store you will need to have javascript enabled in your web-browser settings and have them set to accept cookies. We do not collect or share any personal information beyond what it takes to fill your order.

Stuff We Sell

We carry all of the in-print Dischord stuff as well as hundreds of releases from DC area bands and labels. In November 2010 we installed some major changes to the way our web-store functions with the goal of making our deep content easier to find. The Stuff We Sell home page features three major pathways to find content:

Features Releases sections present samples of specific content and a link to more similar content.

Advanced Search tools direct you to the band, label, release you are interested in browsing via keywords, menus and check boxes.

Direct Links like All Artists and All Labels, take you directly to band pages and labels pages that will list every title we carry.

In addition to using the Stuff We Sell pages and tools, customers can navigate to Dischord content from many different sources, starting with the Dischord Band Page.

How To Place An Order

Navigate and click onto the release you are interested in and click on the Buy Button of the format you would like to purchase. At the top of the page you will find a box that says, Items In Cart with a number next to it. This is the link to your Shopping Cart and each time you click a buy Button the number of items listed in this box will change.

To place an order for an MP3 Album Download navigate to the release you are interested in and click on the Buy Digital button. Once you complete the check-out process you will be given the option to download the album as a single zipped file or as individual tracks. See Download Help for more detailed download information.

To place an order for individual MP3 tracks you will need to purchase Digital Credits. Once you have credits, navigate to the release you are interested in and click on the + queue button next to the track you want to purchase. This track will be loaded onto your personal My Account page under My Digital Tracks for you to download at your convenience. See Download Help for more detailed download information


Checkout: When you are finished shopping click on the Items In Cart box and go to your shopping cart. Here you can delete items and check to see an estimate your shipping charges. Once you are ready to check-out just click on the Checkout button (you will be asked to log-in if you have not done so already) and select your payment and shipping methods. We accept most major credit cards, paypal and cash/money orders.

Credit Card Information

Credit Card Address Verification: In order to process Credit Cards our service provider requires billing Address Verification, including a 5-digit postal code, to protect against stolen and fraudulent credit cards. If the billing address you have entered is correct and you are certain that your account is in good standing yet your order is being declined, you may need to check with your bank and make sure they have your correct billing address on file.

Customers who live in countries that only have 4 digit postal codes (or Countries like Ireland that have no postal codes) we recommend adding non-numerical place holders such as an asterisk (*) or a dash (-) to the end of your postal code in order to make it 5-digits. International customers have also reported very good experiences using Pay Pal as their credit card payment option.

International Payments: Some non-US Credit Cards do not support the Address Verification and are therefore automatically declined by our system. If your Credit Card is in good standing but has been declined you may want to select Pay Pal as your payment option and run your Credit Card through their system (there is no charge to do so).

If you have any questions you may call us at 703-351-7507 or send an email to Dischord at Dischord dot com.