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Website Credits (4.0), released in January 2011, was built by Jerrod Blavos of Rec Center and designed by Pau Santesmasses and Dischord's Alec Bourgeois. Alec Bourgeois is the producer, webmaster. The Dischord store and back-end administration is powered by Phoenix, which is a custom built application from Rec Center. Several visual themes were carried forward from the original Dischord website designed by Bill Colgrove at Threespot Media. The "Out Of Step" sheep were adapted from an original drawing by Cynthia Connolly.

The Fugazi Live Series, launched in December 2011, was designed and produced by Alec Bourgeois and was developed by Jerrod Blavos of Rec Center. Thanks to Peter Oleksik, Lindsey Hobbs, Amy Pickering, and Amy Breesman for their expertise and help organizing the Fugazi archive.

Many thanks to Jerrod, Pau, Dug Birdzell, and Bill Dolan for their support and technical assistance.

Photographer Credits

The Dischord Records and The Fugazi Live Series websites rely on the goodwill and generosity of many talented photographers to make sure these sites looks great. Please support these artists, many of whom have exhibitions, artwork for sale, and/or are available for photo work. Below are websites, email addresses or other contact information.

If you are photographer who has contributed photos and would like a link, please email us.