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By: Alex Mitrani 7 months ago

Thd following is probably referring to this show: "I remember one time we did a show at Virginia Beach in '88 or '89, and there was this really scary skinhead crew there. This one guy had a swastika earring and before the show he came up to me and was like, "I've got a fucking hit on you." And I was like "Hit? Wow! What did I do?" "You betrayed the scene." Apparently, I betrayed the scene by being in a band like Fugazi that played, at the time, what people thought was reggae music. The problem with that is, as absurd as it is, I saw those people do very serious damage. And until people have played on a stage and have like 15 big dudes with shaved heads Sieg Heil-ing and screaming "white power" before running into the audience and just beating the crap out of people, then I'm not really interested in whether or not they think it's appropriate for me to speak out against that kind of thing. Those are heavy moments." - Ian MacKaye interviewed by Brandon Stosuy in 2011 (https://pitchfork.com/news/44777-ian-mackaye-talks-fugazi-live-archives-legacy-nostalgia-occupy-musicians/)

By: Geoffrey Wardzinski over 3 years ago

“When The Bow Breaks” is streaming on Chunklet. The Fugazi tracks are “Furniture,” “Give Me The Cure,” and “Turn Off Your Guns.” I had the tape in the ‘80s, but I just realized “Turn Off Your Guns” was on there after listening to it again on Chunklet. On the tape TOYG ran straight into “Furniture,” and they were listed as “Furniture/No Words.”

By: Jason Hale about 4 years ago

Oh what fond memories! The show was awesome. I remember seeing the band members enjoying a swim in the Atlantic Ocean just outside the Beach theater before the show. Some generous young lady was sharing slices of Honeydew melons before the show. Which was quite refreshing since Virginia Beach is hot in July. By the way, I am Jason Hale, the photographer who snapped the picture present on this page. I will not forget Fugazi!

By: Jonas Calacsan over 12 years ago

The guy who put on the show, Greg Webb, moved to Los Angeles--he contributed some footage to the Instrument documentary. I asked about this show-it maybe in storage in Atlanta

By: David Brown over 12 years ago

This show was actually recorded. 2 songs were included on a tape that was released here locally in VB. It was called "When the Bow Breaks" and had live songs from Fugazi, Dag Nasty, COC, Fire Party, and Pledge Allegiance among others. The Fugazi songs were "Give me the Shot" and "Furniture". I remember clearly where Ian says "You were 6 years old in 1982!". People were yelling MT songs at them, I guess.

I have never been able to track down a copy of the whole show. Word has it the guy who did the tape moved to Atlanta.

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Fugazi Live Series FLS0046 Fugazi Virginia Beach, VA USA 7/16/1988

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Show Date:
 Beach Theater
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Played with:
 Scream, Fire Party
Recorded by
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1. Turn Off Your Guns
2. Furniture
3. Interlude
4. Give Me The Cure

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