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By: Max Martinez Jr. over 9 years ago

My brother, a friend, and I attended this show (Thanks mom for driving us out their) and it was great except for "the punks" spitting at Beat Happening during their set. I recall they never walked off and Calvin did mention that the "real king" had just passed away... Sammy Davis Junior.

By: Ron Fakhoury over 9 years ago

Not sure what night I was at, but am surprised to learn that the show is now known mostly for the ashtray incident. What I recall from that night is that the first band on was more hardcore, but instrumentally weak, and a small crowd warmed up to them well.
Beat Happening came on next and had a more polished poppy/new wave sound. The boos and verbal abuse quickly followed. What amazed me about that set was the way the lead singer of Beat Happening (Calvin Johnson) was taking the abuse from the rowdy crowd. I was unfamiliar with Beat Happening at the time, but vividly remember that at one point Calvin was crouched down with mike in one hand, holding him self up with the other as he was taking full on lugies to the face. sticking his face out, taking the abuse, as if egging them on. Spit was dripping down off his nose and chin. People were throwing things on stage and yelling at them to get off. At the time I was disgusted and shocked as to why he continued taking that abuse. Looking back, I have to admire his courage in standing up to the crowd and finishing his set.

My two buddies, Daren Ford and John Schaffer, were sitting behind the rear railing at one of the tables, I had my face away from the stage when one of them yelled out that the lead singer was just hit by a bottle. I always thought it as bottle and not a ashtray. Nonetheless, afterwards Calvin commented, something to the effect of " they say if you can't make it in LA then you have really haven't made it" before walking off.

Fugazi came on and a few words were said about the uncoolness of what transpired before they started.

I was also stupid enough to forget my watch on at the show and lost it in the pit. Before realizing that it had fallen off, someone had thrown it on stage and either Ian or Guy announced they had someone’s watch. I got it back after telling him what type of watch it was. Thinking back, it was a truly a memorable show. And I still have that watch!

By: Joseph Fish over 10 years ago

There is evidence that the "ashtray incident" actually happened on the previous day. Listening to the recording on the 16th, Guy suggests they play Runaway Return, and Ian says, "Going out to our good friends in Beat Happening".
As you know, that song contains the word "ashtray" repeated many times, and Guy sings that particular word with much more force and clarity than he normally does... The same thing with Runaway Return happens in the second show, but since it happens in both, Calvin had to have been hit during the first show.

By: Adrian Grenier almost 11 years ago

Looking back it seems like such a lucky dream to see Beat Happening and Fugazi together. When you're young and have 80s HC records and Beat Happening plays, I can see how it would be tough to "get it". But hopefully some of those kids eventually "got it" as I did.

By: gunter habets over 12 years ago

As to the sound quality, this recording ties in with the one from the preceeding evening, which sounds great; just listen to those drums and pumping bass lines! Also, the audience seems to be less of a drag on this particular evening (I don't think there is an audible reference to the 'ashtray incident' which has been mentioned in some comments). The imrov on Waiting Room is a refreshing little surprise, and Glueman tears it up again! The Outro includes some serious Ambient tunes.. .

By: Chris Carey over 12 years ago

The second night at The Country Club in Reseda was the first time I saw both Beat Happening and Fugazi. The ashtray incident was unfortunate. Calvin Johnson was hit right on the nose, but Beat Happening kept performing. If my memory serves me correctly, their set lasted almost an hour. I saw BH headline their own shows twice in later years, and they never played more than 30 minutes. Ian had a field day on the meatheads, berating them for their treatment of Calvin and describing how Beat Happening is more punk rock than they could ever be. Calvin still had blood on his face when he as selling stuff from the K Records catalog after Fugazi's set.

I really hope this gig is released soon!

By: KRISTIAN TENWOLDE over 12 years ago

I was at this show. Or maybe the other one. I remember the tickets were $6 instead of the usual $5. Chad Smith and Anthony Kiedis were at this show. I also now remember the meatheads. Good show, but crappy cattle railing.

By: Stephen Reeder over 12 years ago

I was at this show and it was pretty great and you guys (Fugazi) rocked it and really blew my mind. Awesome show! Reason to Believe were great and Beat Happening were also fantastic, despite some meatheads in the crowd.

Additionally I want to say, "Fuck You" to whoever threw the ashtray at Beat Happening, whoever you are, you're an asshole!

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Fugazi Live Series FLS0211 Fugazi Reseda, CA USA 5/17/1990

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Show Date:
 Country Club
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Played with:
 Beat Happening, Reason to Believe
Recorded by
 Joey Picuri
Mastered by
 Jerry Busher
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1. Repeater
2. Reprovisional
3. Interlude 1
4. Bad Mouth
5. Margin Walker
6. Interlude 2
7. Song #1
8. Blueprint
9. Interlude 3
10. Styrofoam
11. Shut the Door
12. Interlude 4
13. Runaway Return
14. Interlude 5
15. Burning Too
16. Bulldog Front
17. Interlude 6
18. Waiting Room
19. Interlude 7
20. Suggestion
21. Give Me The Cure
22. Encore 1
23. Glueman
24. Outro

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