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By: Alex Mitrani over 1 year ago

This is a great show, highly recommended!

By: Alex Mitrani over 1 year ago

The track list shown on this page is a bit messed up. After "Dear Justice Letter" (16) the following two rows don't correspond to the tracks on the show recording. So please delete "17. Blueprint
18. Dear Justice Letter". Then, the remaining tracks should be numbered 17-21. Thanks.

By: gunter habets almost 9 years ago

Over the years, Fugazi played the Sacred Heart Church Hall in D.C. exactly four times, with three of these occasions taking place in 1991. This is the second of these recordings, and it happens to be a benefit for the Washington Peace Center as well as FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting). Mark Andersen of Positive Force D.C. elaborates during the opening remarks.
From what I gather from the recorded verbal exchanges, the band is confronted with a bit of a challenging audience, particularly in terms of stage-diving, but fortunately things do not get overly disruptive.
More importantly, I rest assured that any Steady Diet of Nothing enthusiast will rejoice in the observation that the band performs this particular album in its entirety here (which turns out to be a one-off experience), a couple of months prior to the official studio release in the summer of the same year.
Or, as Guy adds during one of the interludes, “we’re playing a secret trick on you, we’re subliminally playing our new album.”
To add to the treat, both Steady Diet and Stacks make their live debut, the only drawback resulting from the fact that Dear Justice Letter is incomplete for the most part. The band even stays true to the tracklist in the process, with the exception of the Steady Diet instrumental, which serves as set opener.
A handful of well honed live staples drawn from the Repeater album, i.e. Blueprint and Shut the Door, further complete the set list after midnight, after which Guy pleads with the sound man to play just one more song. Another powerhouse original, Glueman, then brings the house down.
As to the sound quality, it can be mentioned that the vocals and drums come out quite well, the guitars unfortunately being rather low in the mix and the bass a bit of a drone during some of the noisier or uptempo parts. Also, note a volume drop during Shut the Door, as well as some sonic anomalies (high-pitched sounds) during Glueman.

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Fugazi Live Series FLS0327 Fugazi Washington, DC USA 4/12/1991

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Show Date:
 Sacred Heart Church Hall
Door Price:
Played with:
 Autoclave, Cringer, Citizen Fish
Recorded by
 Joey Picuri
Mastered by
 Warren Russell-Smith
Original Source:
Sound Quality:
 Poor Good Very Good Excellent

Benefit for Washington Peace Center/Alternative Media

Play Sample Track
1. Opening Remarks
2. Steady Diet
3. Exit Only
4. Reclamation
5. Interlude 1
6. Nice New Outfit
7. Interlude 2
8. Stacks
9. Interlude 3
10. Latin Roots
11. Long Division
12. Runaway Return
13. Interlude 4
14. Polish
15. Interlude 5
16. Dear Justice Letter
17. Blueprint
18. Dear Justice Letter
19. KYEO
20. Blueprint
21. Shut the Door
22. Glueman
23. Outro

Please Note: Available recordings have been mastered to correct for volume shifts, drop outs, etc. but some sonic anomalies will still exist, especially early in the set when the mix is being settled. The band has rated each show for sound quality and set the general price of a download at $5 per show. If you have a different price in mind feel free to utilize the alternative pricing option.