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By: Conor Murphy Elmes almost 4 years ago

Hi i was just wondering if this will ever get a reprint seperate from '1981: The Year In Seven Inches'? Stay safe everyone.

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Dischord 006 Youth Brigade Possible E.P.

Eight songs by Youth Brigade, released in 1981.

This 7" EP is out of print. However, these songs are available on the 1981: The Year In Seven Inches CD/LP, and here as MP3s.

Nathan Strejcek
Tom Clinton
Bert Queiroz
Danny Ingram

1. It's About Time That We Had a Change
2. Full Speed Ahead
3. Point of View
4. Barbed Wire
5. Pay No Attention
6. Wrong Decision
7. No Song
8. No Song II
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios