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By: Pablo Farfán over 2 years ago

Or release a digital version?

By: Pablo Farfán over 2 years ago

Any plans to re-release this on CD format?

By: rik hunter about 3 years ago

Will this be re-released on either vinyl or cd?

By: Anthony Dunnigan about 4 years ago

Do you plan to restock the vinyl version?

By: Pat Barlow over 8 years ago

Henry should have stayed with SOA. I love loose nut and damaged, but this is the first time I heard him in SOA and from what little I heard I think they would stand on their on with Black Flag. I plan on ordering the cd as soon as possible. Also Teen Idles and the other bands are just as great. I'm so glad I found these great hardcore bands.

By: Ryan Johnson over 8 years ago

Wish this cd would get remastered. It sounds so low compared to the Silver Sonya remasters of other releases.

By: Nico Welmer over 10 years ago

Does this recent pressing come on black vinyl?

By: Shawn P Breen about 12 years ago

Any possibility of these returning to 7" format ever?

By: Alec B almost 13 years ago

Hi John,

We don't sell a digital version of this because all of the tracks are available digitally on their original releases and the bands would get micro-pennies from a 36 track 7 dollar download.

By: John Claus almost 13 years ago

Any plans to release a digital version of this?

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Dischord 014 Various Artists Four Old Seven Inches

The Four Old Seven Inches LP, first released in 1984, compiled four early Dischord EPs (by then already out of print) from Teen Idles, SOA, Government Issue and Youth Brigade (DC). The later CD edition added the first two Minor Threat EPs to the mix.

This pressing is on opaque yellow vinyl.

Recorded: 1980-1981
Released on LP: October 1984
Released on CD: October 1995
Re-issued on LP: 2007

1. Teen Idles: Teen Idles
2. Teen Idles: Sneakers
3. Teen Idles: Get Up and Go
4. Teen Idles: Deadhead
5. Teen Idles: Fleeting Fury
6. Teen Idles: Fiorucci Nightmare
7. Teen Idles: Getting in My Way
8. Teen Idles: Too Young to Rock
9. SOA: Lost in Space
10. SOA: Draw Blank
11. SOA: Girl Problems
12. SOA: Blackout
13. SOA: Gate Crashers
14. SOA: Warzone
15. SOA: Riot
16. SOA: Gang Fight
17. SOA: Public Defender
18. SOA: Gonna Hafta Fight
19. GIs: Religious Ripoff
20. GIs: Fashionite
21. GIs: Rock'n Roll Bullshit
22. GIs: Anarchy Is Dead
23. GIs: Sheer Terror
24. GIs: Asshole
25. GIs: Bored to Death
26. GIs: No Rights
27. GIs: I'm James Dean
28. GI's: Cowboy Fashion
29. Youth Brigade: It's About Time That We Had a Change
30. Youth Brigade: Full Speed Ahead
31. Youth Brigade: Point of View
32. Youth Brigade: Barbed Wire
33. Youth Brigade: Pay No Attention
34. Youth Brigade: Wrong Decision
35. Youth Brigade: No Song
36. Youth Brigade: No Song II