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By: Kevin McCarthy over 6 years ago

Album is killer!

By: Matthew Height over 9 years ago

Love this LP… always have and always will!

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Dischord 015.5 Scream This Side Up

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Scream's second full-length record, released in 1985.

This LP is out of print, however the songs are still available on CD and digital MP3 formats (see the Scream Still Screaming/This Side Up).

Peter Stahl
Franz Stahl
Robert Lee Davidson
guitar & vocals
Skeeter Thompson
bass & vocals
Kent Stax

1. Bet You Never Thought
2. Things to Do Today
3. This Side Up
4. Gluesniff
5. Still Screaming
6. A No Money Down
7. Show and Tell Me Baby
8. The Zoo Closes at Dark
9. I Look When You Walk
10. Iron Curtain