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By: Zack Wentz 5 months ago

Bring back on CD! : )

By: dustin n williams over 1 year ago

Is the repress on black vinyl?

By: Kevin Young about 2 years ago

We need a repress of this on Clear

By: Raimund Mock over 2 years ago

I would very much appreciate a reissue of both RoS releases. Fingers crossed.

By: Martin Sertich over 2 years ago

You kind folks need to reissue this Rites Of Spring LP on colored vinyl, maybe on white to match the cover?

By: ryan westfall over 9 years ago

is that jesus scratching his armpit into a glass of wine on the cover ?

By: Egor Trukhan almost 10 years ago

Comes with awesome inner sleeve, thank you!

By: David Kincade almost 12 years ago

I was visiting my parents in Belguim & I did a bus trip to Amsterdam (leave at 5am get back at 10pm). Earlier in the week I was going through boxes of stuff from my youth & found some old mixtapes from about 1988-89 & my trusty walkman covered in stickers (that were holding the battery cover & one of the hinges together after being dropped while skating). Anyway, I walked around Amsterdam listening to my old mixtapes of songs that at one time had met so much & inspired me. I was people watching & walking the winding streets of a thriving & bustling city but damn, I began feeling so lonely & isolated, I don't think I had said a word to anybody the entire time I was there.

I ended up at the Van Gogh museum and got some pamphlets to learn more about the paintings & what was going on in his life when he had painted them etc. Soon after I ended up in front of "Almond Blossoms". I'm not sure what caught my eye, but I liked it immediately. I looked at the brochure & saw that Van Gogh's brother (who he was very close with) had just given birth to a son & he was named after him & he felt such honor & pride & it had filled him with such joy that after hearing the news he made this painting to try to capture/represent the hope & awakening he felt at the time. He asked that it be placed near/above the nephew's crib so that he could look up & see "the hope in the branches & blossoms". My sister (who I was enstranged with at the time) had also just recently given birth to her second child, a son. As I was in front of the painting Rites Of Spring "All Through A Life" came on & for some reason, a couple of tears just started trickling down my face. I realized that song had also instilled a sense of hope & empowerment in a younger me. Anyway, I don't think I had ever been moved to tears looking a painting or listening to a song, but there I was in a fucking museum listen to fucking emo & fucking crying, I think a 16 year old me would have laughed, but it felt ok to current me.

By: Rick Sabbatini over 12 years ago

Thanks so much to Dischord, and Amy, who went to the effort of writing a little note expressing thanks for me purchasing the record! I Thank you, it meant a lot to me, no other record label would have such initiative!!!!

By: Adrian Zias over 12 years ago

On Persistent Vision, track 11, you can hear Ian doing backing vocals during the chorus! I think it is him. Is it? Anyway, amazing album. Guy and the ROS are great!

By: Alec B about 13 years ago

Actually -- I'm totally wrong -- the photos were taken in Dumbarton Oaks in upper Georgetown. Sorry to mislead you!

By: Alec B about 13 years ago

The photos were taken at Meridian Hill Park, aka Malcom X park

By: Martin Gamache about 13 years ago

So maybe a local DC fan can help answer this question. Where were the jacket photos of the band near the grafittied pool taken? I live and DC now and want to turn that place into a pilgrimage site for one of the best PUNK bands ever.

By: Nicolas Klie over 13 years ago

I waited way to long to finally buy this album. But buying it directly from Dischord was all I’ve ever wanted from buying music. Not only did I get to directly support the label, but both the album and the shipping were dirty cheap, and you get a high quality digital copy right away as well. So while I’m waiting for the actual record to show up, I can listen to it on my computer and ipod right away. It also solves the problem of buying vinyl and wanting to listen to it, say, on my way to work. All I’ve ever wanted. Thanks Dischord!

By: Wilburth B Spriggs over 13 years ago

Why are there no comments.? I am far behind in this present digital age; yet can still hear these songs play in my head when I think of them, For Want Of and Persistent Vision. I love the sound and energy. More comments in the future. Take a chance and just listen to the songs!

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Dischord 016 Rites Of Spring End on End

Rites of Spring's full-length LP, released in 1985.

The 12" LP is now re-mastered. The CD includes songs from the #22 7 inch + one extra

Recorded at Inner Ear Studios
Produced by Ian MacKaye & Mike Hampton

Guy Picciotto guitar & vocals
Eddie Janney guitar
Michael Fellows bass
Brendan Canty drums

1. Spring
2. Deeper Than Inside
3. For Want Of
4. Hain's Point
5. All There Is
6. Drink Deep
7. Other Way Around
8. Theme
9. By Design
10. Remainder
11. Persistent Vision
12. Nudes
13. End on End
14. All Through a Life
15. Hidden Wheel
16. In Silence / Words Away
17. Patience
Recorded At
Inner Ear