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I Won't Love You ...


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By: Robert Wynn about 3 years ago permalink

Daniel & Noah,

The 2LPs-on-1CD version is still available from Jeff directly:

I just ordered my copy a few weeks ago (March 2017).

Assuming Dischord is OK with this PSA. If not, I apologize.

By: Noah Salo over 7 years ago permalink

Agreed. This needs to be remastered and reprinted, on CD and LP!

By: Daniel almost 8 years ago permalink

I once again repeat my statement from 10 months ago.

By: Daniel over 8 years ago permalink

Man, this album needs to be available in some form until I can find it on vinyl!

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Dischord 018 Snakes I Won't Love You ...

Snakes's first full-length record, released in 1985. This LP is out of print.

Simon Jacobsen
Michael Hampton

1. She's Got It Now + queue
2. I Won't Love You ('Til You're More Like Me) + queue
3. For Colored Girls + queue
4. Six O'Clock + queue
5. Serv-Pro Joe + queue
6. Snake Rap + queue
7. Greek Song + queue
8. Twelve Angry Men + queue
9. Push Over + queue
10. City Girls + queue
11. Exchange of Clowns + queue
12. Everything He Wants + queue
13. Fixing a Chair + queue
14. License to Fish + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Ian MacKaye and The Snakes