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By: Robert Wynn about 7 years ago

Daniel & Noah,

The 2LPs-on-1CD version is still available from Jeff directly:

I just ordered my copy a few weeks ago (March 2017).

Assuming Dischord is OK with this PSA. If not, I apologize.

By: Mark Wheeler about 9 years ago

This album's still available on the CD version of the Snakes' other album, "Happy". It's still available from the Adult Swim Records website, and both albums are awesome

By: Noah Salo almost 12 years ago

Agreed. This needs to be remastered and reprinted, on CD and LP!

By: Mark Wheeler almost 12 years ago

Hey Daniel, This album is available on the CD version of The Snakes album Happy, and you can get that at the adult swim website:

By: Daniel almost 12 years ago

I once again repeat my statement from 10 months ago.

By: Daniel almost 13 years ago

Man, this album needs to be available in some form until I can find it on vinyl!

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Dischord 018 Snakes I Won't Love You ...

Snakes's first full-length record, released in 1985. 

This LP is out of print.

Simon Jacobsen
Michael Hampton

1. She's Got It Now
2. I Won't Love You ('Til You're More Like Me)
3. For Colored Girls
4. Six O'Clock
5. Serv-Pro Joe
6. Snake Rap
7. Greek Song
8. Twelve Angry Men
9. Push Over
10. City Girls
11. Exchange of Clowns
12. Everything He Wants
13. Fixing a Chair
14. License to Fish
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Ian MacKaye and The Snakes