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By: Louis Anthony Medina almost 3 years ago

When is this going to be pressed again?? I need this one!!

By: Robert Kelly about 3 years ago

Press it again!

By: Mitchell Radford almost 4 years ago

Gray Matter will always hold strong to me, To have discords re pressing their stuff is so awesome I'm so stoked to have gotten me a copy of both albums. Such great songs from such a huge band!

By: Robertdale Crow almost 11 years ago

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This is easily one of the greatest and most heartfelt releases on this wonderful label.

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Dischord 021 Gray Matter Take It Back

This 12" LP has been re-cut, re-issued and extended. The 12" LP now includes 4 extra tracks from the band's 1991 Double Seven Inch. The original songs (minus the extra tracks) are also available on a Maxi CD that features both Food For Thought and Take It Back.

This pressing is on blue vinyl.

Geoff Turner vocals & guitar
Mark Haggerty guitar
Steve Niles bass
Dante Ferrando drums

1. Chutes And Ladders
2. Burn No Bridges
3. Walk The Line
4. Take It Back
5. 4 A.M.
6. Head
7. Bite The Bit (extra)
8. October (extra)
9. Shiver Boy (extra)
10. Slow Grind (extra)
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Ian MacKaye