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House Burning Down


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Dischord 023 Beefeater House Burning Down

This 12" LP is out of print. However, the songs are available to download as MP3s, see #64.

Released in 1987.

Tomas Squip
Fred Smith
Dug E. Bird
Kenny Craun

  1. Just Things
  2. Bedlam Rainforest
  3. Move Me Strong
  4. One Soul Down
  5. Ain't Got No Time
  6. Sinking Me
  7. Dover Beach
  8. Insurrection Chant
  9. 40 Sonnets on Plants
  10. With You Always
  11. Fredittude
  12. Live the Life

Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Gumbo MacKaye