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By: Kete almost 3 years ago

The lyrics are positive and radical. I used to have the CD in high school, in the 90's, and recently, I wanted to hear the album, again. This resulted in me wanting to listen to the songs repeatedly.

By: Joshuah Hounshell about 7 years ago

If you don't have this record, you are behind my friend. Get it now.

By: Tim Neilson about 7 years ago

This is hands down one of my top 5 records of all time. I have re purchased it so many times because I have given mine away so many times to people who have never heard it. It's that good, I am sure I'll be rebuying again soon....

By: Beau Williamson about 7 years ago

Order the 12" LP and it was shipped promptly in good packaging. Honestly, I am really glad that I didn't discover this record in my youth....because it allows me the pleasure of experiencing fresh (with no tinge or bias due to nostalgia). Honestly, this a PHENOMENAL stand alone rock record....hands down. I must've listened to this record 20 times over the last few days, forcing myself to put it away so I don't instantly burn it out but it keeps playing in my head. LOVE IT!!!

By: John Massel almost 9 years ago

One of my favorite records of all time.

By: Adrian over 9 years ago

Embrace is absolutely just beautiful. An amazing release...Thanks for re-pressing the LP!

By: John Ammond almost 10 years ago

one of my all time top 10

By: Peter Wyatt about 10 years ago

PLEASE.......repress the LP!!!

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Dischord 024 Embrace s/t

Buy Digital $7
CD out of stock

12" LP out of stock

LP W/ Damaged Packaging out of stock

The 12" LP was re-mastered in March 2009 and comes with a free MP3 download.

The CD contains 2 *extra tracks; both alternate takes from the original recording.

Nov '85, Feb '86
September 1987
CD Re-Mastered w/ extra tracks:
May 2002
Ian Mackaye
Michael Hampton
Chris Bald
Ivor Hanson

1. Give Me Back
2. Dance of Days
3. Building
4. Past
5. Spoke
6. Do Not Consider Yourself Free
7. No More Pain
8. I Wish I
9. Said Gun
10. Can't Forgive
11. Money
12. If I Never Thought About It
13. End of a Year
14. Last Song
15. Money (alternate version)
16. Dance of Days (alternate version)
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Eddie Janney and Ian Mackaye
Mastered By
Silver Sonya