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Banging the Drum


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By: Rudy D. Olivarez almost 7 years ago permalink

yes please re issue both records, Fumbe and Banging the drum if you can!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Gregory Polard over 7 years ago permalink

Any chance of a reissue of this and "Fumble" on vinyl? I have the mp3's but man, I'd love to get these on LP. I promise I'd spread the word so you sell a bunch of copies :)

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Dischord 025 Scream Banging the Drum

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The third full-length album by Scream, released in 1986.

This 12" LP is out of print. However, the songs are available on cassette and as downloadable MP3s, from the band's Fumble/Banging the Drum release (DIS082).

Peter Stahl
Franz Stahl
Robert Lee Davidson
guitar & vocals
Skeeter Thompson
bass & vocals
Kent Stax

1. Banging The Drum + queue
2. People People + queue
3. I.C.Y.U.O.D. + queue
4. Nod To The East + queue
5. Mineshaft Burning + queue
6. The Rhythm Beating + queue
7. Feel Like That + queue
8. Walkin' By Myself + queue
9. When I Rise + queue
10. The Sing It Up Kidz + queue
11. Choke Word + queue