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By: shane evans over 12 years ago

one of the best albums ever!

By: William Thompson about 13 years ago

Holy Crap I should learn how to spell!

By: William Thompson about 13 years ago

Holy crap what an incredable LP, remember buying it from Dischord the when it came out in 1989. My friends and I thought it was the next best thing to sliced bread!

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Dischord 033 Three Dark Days Coming

Three's full-length record, released in 1989.

This 10-song album was re-mastered and re-issued on CD and 12" LP in September 2010. The CD features eight extra tracks taken from the band's demos. These tracks are also included with the digital release.

Geoff Turner vocals & guitar
Mark Haggerty guitar
Steve Niles bass
Jeff Nelson drums

1. Empathy
2. Swann Street
3. Buy Me a River
4. Domino Days
5. Dodger
6. International
7. Pious & Blind
8. Rejection
9. Dark Days Coming
10. Don't Walk Away
11. Shitberries Demo
12. Cheatin' Heart
13. Love Is Like a Rose
14. Food For Thog
15. Pretty / Heavy
16. Back & Forth
17. Hundred Aker Wood
18. Midnight Meat Train
19. Western Thrashy One
20. Long Marching Song
21. Sweaking Boot Noise
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Mastered By
Chicago Mastering Service
Mixed By
Geoff Turner & Ian MacKaye