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By: Luis Alberto Ribeiro 4 days ago


By: Kai emerson 27 days ago

My first fugazi album!!! Can't wait for it to arrive!

By: Victor-Alexis Rainville over 3 years ago

Vinyl is indeed a true must!!

By: aurelien fontaine almost 4 years ago

Vinyl please !!!

By: ronnie hicks over 5 years ago

some people know it wasn't on vinyl, but a new release pressed would be sick as fuck'!!

By: ronnie hicks over 5 years ago

jumping on the vinyl train,.....hook it up guys and gals"!!!

By: Philip Wanzenberg over 7 years ago

I need the vinyl, 1 for me 1 for my boy

By: Robert W. Swanson over 9 years ago

Hey rookies, "13 Songs" is a CD compilation of their first two EPs; it was never on vinyl, and probably never should be.

By: Ian Hussey about 10 years ago

People clamoring for "13 Songs" on vinyl makes me laugh...

By: Avian Dougan over 10 years ago

Vinylvinylvinyl! How is this not still on vinyl?

By: Hessel Folkertsma over 10 years ago

Yep, definitely want this on vinyl!

By: David Loyd almost 11 years ago

What James said. Waiting for Vinyl reissue on this please.

By: james fines over 11 years ago

vinyl re-issue a must.

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Dischord 036 Fugazi 13 songs

This Maxi CD includes songs from the 7 Songs and Margin Walker EPs. This CD was remastered at Silver Sonya in 2002.

Originally Released: 1989

Ian MacKaye vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto vocals
Joe Lally bass
Brendan Canty drums

1. Waiting Room
2. Bulldog Front
3. Bad Mouth
4. Burning
5. Give Me the Cure
6. Suggestion
7. Glue Man
8. Margin Walker
9. And The Same
10. Burning Too
11. Provisional
12. Lockdown
13. Promises
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios & Southern Studios
Produced By
Ted Niceley, John Loder & Fugazi