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By: Gregory Polard over 4 years ago permalink

Any chance of a repress?

By: Kemp Herbster over 6 years ago permalink

This is mandatory listening! Its still light years ahead of any genre.

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Dischord 038 Soul Side Hot Bodi-Gram

Soulside's second full-length LP, released in 1989.

This 12" LP is out of print. However, these songs are available on a Maxi CD and as MP3s, see #051

Bobby Sullivan
Scott McCloud
Johnny Temple
Alexis Fleisig

  1. God City
  2. What
  3. Punch the Geek
  4. Clifton Wall
  5. New Slow Fucky
  6. Pembroke
  7. Hate Music
  8. New Fast Fucky
  9. Kill
  10. Bad Show
  11. A Love Supreme
  12. Crazy

Recorded At
Tango Studios by
Produced By
Eli Janney