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By: Robert Wynn about 7 years ago

Actually... the CD is still available (with the first LP included) from Jeff directly at Adult Swim Records. I'm going to assume Dischord doesn't mind me sharing the link:

I just ordered my copy a few weeks ago (March 2017).

By: Stephen Reeder almost 11 years ago

It's too bad this record has gone out of print. Or maybe not, it's unlike anything else in the Discard Records catalog.
I suppose it's similar to Bad Religion's "Into the Unknown" (it doesn't sound like ITU, it just seems that some involved parties would like to see these records forgotten, and buried in a New Mexico garbage dump with copies of E.T. the video game, prove me wrong Dischord!)

"Happy" features a lot of cheesy bubblegum pop songs, with cheesy keyboards, with a lot of funny tongue in cheek lyrics. The problem is that most of the songs are actually kind of catchy, after many years, I really love this record, and can't live without it. If my CD ever dies, I'm gonna flip out. Strangely enough it's become kind of rare, pricey and hard to find.
A friend heard it, and she said it sounded like the Chills from NZ, but not as good.

I also want to add, that if the Snakes were from L.A. "World Upside Down" would probably have been a minor KROQ hit.

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Dischord 050.5 Snakes Happy

The Snakes' second full-length record, released in 1990 as a split between Dischord and Adult Swim Records.

This record is out of print on CD and LP.

Simon Jacobsen
Michael Hampton

1. My Girl Gloria
2. Don't Tread On Me
3. Glass Eyes
4. World Upside-Down
5. Happy
6. Afraid of Love
7. Appraising Personalities
8. I'm a Holiday
9. Man of the Monocle & Bottle
10. Oh No, Olga
11. Jane of Apes
12. Hat on the Bed
13. Dance, Mr. Fish