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By: Bailey McCann over 8 years ago

I found this on clear vinyl at Taang! Records in San Diego. So happy, great record!

By: Jo Morgan Hartvin over 10 years ago

Any chance of a reissue of the 7"?

By: josh macaulay almost 11 years ago

how many of these were released on vinyl, and how many are clear?

By: Gary Coughlin about 11 years ago

I think I have this 7" on clear vinyl. I will have to try and find it.

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Dischord 050 Skewbald 2 Songs

Two songs by Skewbald/Grand Union, released in 1991.

This 7 inch is out of print. However, the songs are available on CD-EP and MP3 format.

November 1981
Ian MacKaye
Eddie Janney
John Falls
Jeff Nelson

1. Side One
2. Side Two
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios