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By: Marlon Rubio over 6 years ago

Any chance the CD will come back in stock? Would love to pick up a copy.

By: Aaron Leitko almost 10 years ago


The "Novelty" reissue was remastered for vinyl. The CD and digital files were already remastered a few years ago at Silver Sonya, so those have been left as they are.

By: Daniel Sardella almost 10 years ago

I'm curious...I just bought the LPs for this album and 'Novelty'. The description for 'Grippe' says it's "re-cut" but doesn't mention being "remastered", as 'Novelty' does.

I am looking at the MP3s that came with my LP purchase for 'Grippe'. They do appear to be more conservative in the mastering (around -3dB as opposed to 'Novelty's tracks, which go right up to 0 dB).

So the 'Grippe' MP3s are not remastered? Is that correct?

By: Jason R Nelson almost 11 years ago

Great Songs. I always thought this album was under appreciated. Nice to have it on vinyl again.

By: wkujater almost 11 years ago

There's so much energy and hints of greatness to come on the next album Novelty - this is a great album to add to my Jawbox collection - and in Purple vinyl no less!

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Dischord 052 Jawbox Grippe

Jawbox's first full-length LP, released in 1991.

The 12" LP was re-cut in August 2013 at Chicago Mastering Service.

Recorded: October 1990
Produced by: J. Robbins and Eli Janney

J. Robbins vocals & guitar
Kim Coletta bass
Adam wade drums

1. Freezerburn
2. Impossible Figure
3. Tools and Chrome
4. Paint Out the Light
5. Consolation Prize
6. Grip
7. Ballast
8. Something Must Break
9. Green-Line Delayed
10. Bullet Park
11. Manatee Bound
12. Footbinder
13. Tools & Chrome (version)
14. Secret History
15. Ballast (version)
16. Twister
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios by