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By: christopher adams almost 9 years ago

Will Funeral At The Movies and Ten Spot be re-released on lp?

By: Jason R Nelson about 11 years ago

The remastered version has been changed? I don't see 'Cross Town Traffic' listed on here.

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Dischord 055 Shudder To Think Funeral/Ten Spot

This Maxi CD combines the "Funeral at the Movies" and "Ten Spot" albums (both of which are out of print), see #046, and #054.

Craig Wedren
Chris Matthews
Stuart Hill
Mike Russell

1. Chocolate
2. Lies About the Sky
3. Day Ditty
4. Red House
5. Funeral At the Movies
6. I Blew Away/Ride That Sexy Horse
7. Heaven Here
8. Jade-Dust Eyes
9. Rag
10. About Three Dreams
11. Speak
12. Corner of My Eye
13. Summertime Train
14. On The Rain
15. Vacation Brain
16. Yes
17. Tony Told Me
Recorded At
Southern Studios and Black Pond