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By: Paul Maliszewski about 2 years ago

Reissue pretty please

By: Chris Riley over 3 years ago

Who sings the fantastic backing vocals on this album? Was it Tim, Steve Kroner, Steve Gamboa, James? Would love to know.

By: Shawn P Breen almost 13 years ago

Was the orange vinyl press of this record an original press or a reissue?

By: Kemp L Herbster over 13 years ago

One of the greatest r'N'r' records of all time...

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Dischord 057 Nation Of Ulysses 13 Point Program to Destroy America

Nation of Ulysses' first full-length album, released in 1991.

The 12" LP has been re-cut and re-issued. The CD includes 3 songs (tracks 12-14) taken from their 1st 7 inch, #46.5

Recorded: January 1991
CD Re-Mastered: 2002
Produced by Eli Janney

Ian Svenonius vocals
Tim Green guitar
Steve Kroner guitar
Steve Gamboa bass
James Canty drums

1. Spectra Sonic Sound
2. Look Out! Soul Is Back
3. Today I Met The Girl I'm Going to Marry
4. Ulythium
5. A Kid Who Tells On Another Kid is a Dead Kid
6. Cool Senior High School (Fight Song)
7. Diptheria
8. Aspirin Kid
9. Hot Chocolate City
10. P. Power
11. You're My Miss Washington, D.C.
12. Target: U.S.A.
13. Love Is A Bull Market
14. The Sound of Young America
15. Channel One Ulysses
16. Atom Bomb
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Ian MacKaye