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By: Jason Buenning almost 4 years ago permalink

Maybe time to repress these awesome Circus Lupus records on vinyl???

By: Robert Sohn over 6 years ago permalink

I listened to this almost non-stop for about 3 months back in my university days. Love this album!

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Dischord 063 Circus Lupus Super Genius

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The debut record by Circus Lupus. Released in 1992.

CD Remastered:
Chris Thomson
Chris Hamley
Seth Lorinczi
Arika Casebolt

1. Unrequited + queue
2. Cyclone Billy + queue
3. Pacifier + queue
4. Breaking Point + queue
5. Straight Through The Heart + queue
6. Marbles + queue
7. Mean Hot & Blessed + queue
8. Cat Kicking Jerk + queue
9. Blue Baby + queue
10. Amish Blessing + queue
11. Pulp + queue
12. Tightrope Walker + queue
13. Chinese Nitro + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Eli Janney and Circus Lupus