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By: Jason Buenning over 5 years ago

Maybe time to repress these awesome Circus Lupus records on vinyl???

By: Robert Sohn over 8 years ago

I listened to this almost non-stop for about 3 months back in my university days. Love this album!

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Dischord 063 Circus Lupus Super Genius

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The debut record by Circus Lupus. Released in 1992.

CD Remastered:
Chris Thomson
Chris Hamley
Seth Lorinczi
Arika Casebolt

1. Unrequited
2. Cyclone Billy
3. Pacifier
4. Breaking Point
5. Straight Through The Heart
6. Marbles
7. Mean Hot & Blessed
8. Cat Kicking Jerk
9. Blue Baby
10. Amish Blessing
11. Pulp
12. Tightrope Walker
13. Chinese Nitro
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Eli Janney and Circus Lupus