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By: Stephen Mazza 3 months ago

Finally gave up trying to find a copy of the CD (moved too slow on a used copy listed at $18 or so) and paid for the download. Forgot how amazing Plays for Lovers is. This record is absolutely foundational in my life.
Sad that Manic Depression is gone but happy to get Wars in Space, a song that helped me to see the hypocrisy of my ways.
Fred's guitar work is amazing throughout, RIP.

By: michael wathen over 8 years ago

Awwww come on reissue

By: Marc v.d. Laar over 8 years ago

Reprint this one please?!

By: michael wathen about 9 years ago

Man i wish you had this on cd

By: Alan Knotts about 10 years ago

Nearly 30 years since I've heard this, an absolutel one off.

Incredibly original

By: Kevin Connell almost 11 years ago

No "Manic D." Hendrix cover!

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Dischord 064 Beefeater Plays For Lovers/House Burning Down

This is a compilation of the "Plays For Lovers" and "House Burning Down" albums, see #017, and #023

This release is out of print on CD. However, the songs are available in digital format.
Recorded: February & April 1985

Tomas Squip
Fred Smith
Dug E. Bird
Bruce Taylor
Kenny Craun

1. Trash Funk
2. Reaganomix
3. Song For Lucky
4. 4 3 2 1
5. Mr. Silverbird
6. Mourning
7. Satyagraha
8. A Dog Day
9. Red Carpet
10. Assholes
11. Beefeater
12. Fred's Song
13. I Miss You
14. Out of The Woods
15. Wars In Space
16. Just Things
17. Bedlam Rainforest
18. Move Me Strong
19. One Soul Down
20. Ain't Got No Time
21. Sinking Me
22. Dover Beach
23. Insurrection Chant
24. 40 Sonnets On Plants
25. With You Always
26. Fredittude
27. Live The Life
28. Blind Leads Blind
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Gumbo MacKaye