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By: amber m minarchick over 9 years ago

Hey Shawn,
I have the Necklace of Heads 12” if you’d like to buy or trade for it. I’m into gig posters and records too.

By: Shawn P Breen about 12 years ago

Is there any chance that Necklace of Heads can be reissued on vinyl? That would be great! Kinda like the Reptile House 7".

By: benjamin lokiec almost 13 years ago

How many times will I buy this record? At least twice a decade. Truly great stuff. Box set please.

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Dischord 066 Lungfish Talking Songs for Walking + Necklace of Heads

This release compiles the albums "Necklace of Heads" (previously released on Simple Machines) and "Talking Songs For Walking".

Recorded: Summer '89, August '91
CD Re-mastered: 2003

Daniel Higgs vocals
Asa Osborne guitar
John Chriest bass
Mitchell Feldstein drums

1. Friend to Friend in Endtime
2. Broadcast
3. Descender
4. Samuel
5. Kissing
6. Reveal Me
7. My Fool Heart
8. One Face
9. Non Dual Bliss
10. Put Your Hand In My Hand
11. Come Clean
12. Put Your Halo On
13. Ain't No Color
14. Not Only Long Ride Too High
15. Parthogenesis
16. Devilhead
17. Nothing Is Easy
18. Fambly
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Ian MacKaye