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By: Patrick Yatchak 10 months ago

I would buy a reissue LP of this in a heartbeat!

By: Nadeem Saleh 11 months ago

I, too, would love to get this on vinyl. It might be my favorite Shudder To Think album.

By: Steven Center 12 months ago

Adding my voice to the chorus of folks wishing for a vinyl reissue...

By: John Massel over 1 year ago

Can we get a reissue of this classic? I don’t feel comfortable paying 50 bucks for an ok version.

By: Chris DiOrio about 4 years ago

A proper vinyl reissue is greatly needed . . . please!!!

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Dischord 067 Shudder To Think Get Your Goat

Shudder to Think's fourth full-length album, released in 1992.

The 12" LP is out of print, however the songs are available on CD and as MP3s

Fall 1992
CD Re-Mastered:
Craig Wedren
Chris Matthews
Stuart Hill
Mike Russell

1. Love Catastrophe
2. Shake Your Halo Down
3. White Page
4. Goat
5. Pebbles
6. Baby Drop
7. The Hair Pillow
8. She Wears He-Harem
9. Rain-Covered Cat
10. Funny
Recorded At
Black Pond Studios by
Produced By
Eli Janney