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By: James Robbins over 7 years ago

The 2014 vinyl is from an entirely new remaster. This pre-master EQ and limiting was done by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio and the cutting was done at Chicago Mastering Service.

By: Christian Pohl about 10 years ago

Do you think about reissuing this fantastic album on vinyl in the nearer future? Would be nice, people want to have ugly prices at ebay etc...

By: Anthony Reitz over 10 years ago

Wow. It does sound great. A lot clearer and more raw sounding. Reminds me more of seeing Jawbox live.

By: Alec B over 10 years ago

Yes, this is the remastered version. Sounds great!

By: Anthony Reitz over 10 years ago

Is this the remastered version from 2003?

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Dischord 069 Jawbox Novelty

Jawbox's second full-length, released in 1992. The 12" LP was remastered in 2014 by Dan Coutant at Sunroom Audio re-cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. It features a free MP3 download, which includes the 10 original album tracks plus two extra songs from the "Tongues" 7".

J. Robbins
vocals & guitar
Bill Barbot
vocals & guitar
Kim Coletta
Adam Wade

1. Cutoff
2. Tracking
3. Dreamless
4. Channel 3
5. Spiral Fix
6. Linkwork
7. Chump
8. Static
9. Spit-Bite
10. Send Down
11. Tongues
12. Ones & Zeroes
Recorded At
Inner Ear by
Produced By
Iain Burgess & Jawbox