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By: James Robbins almost 6 years ago permalink

The 2014 vinyl is from an entirely new remaster. This pre-master EQ and limiting was done by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio and the cutting was done at Chicago Mastering Service.

By: Christian Pohl over 8 years ago permalink

Do you think about reissuing this fantastic album on vinyl in the nearer future? Would be nice, people want to have ugly prices at ebay etc...

By: Anthony Reitz almost 9 years ago permalink

Wow. It does sound great. A lot clearer and more raw sounding. Reminds me more of seeing Jawbox live.

By: Alec B almost 9 years ago permalink

Yes, this is the remastered version. Sounds great!

By: Anthony Reitz almost 9 years ago permalink

Is this the remastered version from 2003?

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Dischord 069 Jawbox Novelty

Jawbox's second full-length, released in 1992. The 12" LP was remastered in 2014 by Dan Coutant at Sunroom Audio re-cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. It features a free MP3 download, which includes the 10 original album tracks plus two extra songs from the "Tongues" 7".

J. Robbins
vocals & guitar
Bill Barbot
vocals & guitar
Kim Coletta
Adam Wade

1. Cutoff + queue
2. Tracking + queue
3. Dreamless + queue
4. Channel 3 + queue
5. Spiral Fix + queue
6. Linkwork + queue
7. Chump + queue
8. Static + queue
9. Spit-Bite + queue
10. Send Down + queue
11. Tongues + queue
12. Ones & Zeroes + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear by
Produced By
Iain Burgess & Jawbox