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By: Arnold D Jett 5 months ago

Another plea for a remaster on wax! My CD copy is barely able to make it through the first half without skipping, with no hope for the end. I know at least 20 ppl personally in Chicago that would pre order right now, with hundreds more now doubt if I spent a few days asking @ Reckless. We doff our caps in humble request...

By: Taylor Reese 7 months ago

Here to plead for a reissue of both Solid Brass and Super Genius. Both incredible records.

By: Dave Veatch 11 months ago

Please consider reissuing on vinyl. I would preorder, if there was a limited run.

By: Kevin Charles over 1 year ago

It's time to reissue Super Genius and Solid Brass on vinyl (preferably on 180gm vinyl in black). Both albums are unsung post-hardcore masterpieces. We will crowdfund it if necessary.

By: GREGORY T POLARD over 1 year ago

Just like I said on the other LP, this needs a vinyl reissue. Picturing it on gold. Would be sweet.

By: Mitch Grady. almost 2 years ago

Let's pause for a moment to reflect on what a great drummer Arika Casebolt is.

By: Matt Walker over 6 years ago

Can we please get a vinyl reissue of this killer l.p.? Thank you!

By: Nyal Cline about 11 years ago

I'd love to have this on vinyl, too. Seriously, the first thing I looked for on here.

By: Ryan Chamberlain about 13 years ago

Any chance of a remaster/reissue of this on cd/vinyl???? Always thought this was their best record....

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Dischord 079 Circus Lupus Solid Brass

The second and final album by Circus Lupus. Released in 1993.

This album is out of print on CD and LP. However, the songs are available in digital format.

Chris Thomson vocals
Chris Hamley guitar
Seth Lorinczi bass
Arika Casebolt drums

1. Right Turn Clyde
2. 7 X 4 X 1
3. I Always Thought You Were An Asshole
4. And You Won
5. New Cop Car
6. Texas Minute
7. Deviant Gesture Catalog
8. Takes About an Hour: Epilepsy
9. Pop Man
10. Pop Man (version)
11. Pressure Point
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios