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By: Kemp Herbster almost 8 years ago

Please reissue!

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Dischord 082 Scream Fumble/Banging the Drum

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This Maxi CD combines the "Fumble" and "Banging the Drum" LPs, see #083 and #025.

Peter Stahl
Franz Stahl
Robert Lee Davidson
guitar & vocals
Skeeter Thompson
bass & vocals
Kent Stax
Dave Grohl
drums & vocals

1. Caffeine Dream
2. Sunmaker
3. Mardi Gras
4. Land Torn Down
5. Gods Look Down
6. Gas
7. Dying Days
8. Poppa Says
9. Rain
10. Banging The Drum
11. People People
12. I.C.Y.U.O.D.
13. Nod To The East
14. Mineshaft Burning
15. The Rhythm Beating
16. Feel Like That
17. Walkin' By Myself
18. When I Rise
19. The Sing It Up Kidz
20. Choke Word
Recorded At
Inner Ear and Southern Studios by