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By: Janic Castagner over 12 years ago

Any plans for a re-re-issue?

By: Shawn P Breen over 13 years ago

Buy this record! I love it so much I had the heart from the sleeve tatooed on my arm. Lungfish is the #2 most important band of my life (Fugazi being #1). Washing Away is a personal favorite but you cannot go wrong with a single track on this record.

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Dischord 092 Lungfish Pass and Stow

Lungfish - Pass and Stow 12" LP Limited Stock: 89 Available
Lungfish's third full-length LP, released in 1994.

This album was re-mastered and re-issued both 12" LP and CD in September 2010.
This LP pressing is on Green Vinyl.

14 songs
Recorded: May 1994
Released: October 1994
Re-mastered: September 2010

Daniel Higgs vocals
Asa Osborne guitar
John Chriest bass
Mitchell Feldstein drums

1. Cleaner Than Your Surroundings
2. Straightaway
3. Washing Away
4. At Liberty To Say
5. The Trap Gets Set
6. Computer
7. Highway Sweetheart
8. Astronaut's Prayer
9. Idiot Vehicle
10. One Way All The Time
11. In Praise Of Amoral Phenomena
12. Gorilla Monsoon
13. The Evidence
14. Terminal Crush
Recorded At
Inner Ear by
Produced By
Ian MacKaye