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By: Ian Craig over 6 years ago permalink

An amazing record. I realize it gets overshadowed by Con Art, but this is another masterpiece. Would love to see it back in print.

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Dischord 096 Smart Went Crazy Now We're Even

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The first full-length album by Smart Went Crazy, released in 1996.

This album is out of print on CD and 12" LP. However it is available as a Digital MP3 download.

Chad Clark
guitar & vocals
Abram Goodrich
Jeff Boswell
Hilary Soldati
cello & organ
Tony Dennison

1. Best and Final Offer + queue
2. Spy vs. Spy + queue
3. Null Set + queue
4. I Liked You Better When You Were Sick + queue
5. Sugar in Your Gas Tank + queue
6. That Which Is In the Way + queue
7. Gentleman Caller + queue
8. Garden Variety Hate Song + queue
9. Pallbearer's Blues + queue
10. Domestic Tension + queue
11. Love Goes Blank + queue
12. Gold Star + queue
13. Intermission (instrumental) + queue
14. Eat Zero X Ray + queue
15. Blackbird B-Side + queue
16. M. Amazon + queue
17. Wilt + queue
18. Clown + queue