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By: Will Von Holck over 7 years ago

The arching beast-limb-vulva singing upside down and backwards. ...

By: Schiplage about 8 years ago

Yeah! Reissue! Great news!

By: John Burdick almost 9 years ago

Reissue the vinyl! Please!

By: Casey Neill about 9 years ago

Please reissue the later Lungfish on LP. Sound in Time, Feral Hymns, Artificial Horizon, and Love is Love.

By: Lenny Wolford over 9 years ago

Reissue! Reissue! Reissue!

By: Brian P Price over 10 years ago

I've been on a big Lungfish kick lately, going through all of my old cds. I've also been buying a lot of old favorites on vinyl, so I came here to buy the Sound In Time LP, but alas, not available! Really hope this gets a re-press sometime soon. I'm grabbing Indivisible tho, while I still can.

By: kyle over 10 years ago

oh man this on vinyl, would be so stoked if that happened!

By: paul foster over 11 years ago

i used to have this album on vinyl many years ago.

i would love to hear this remastered..

By: Schiplage over 11 years ago

Bought the "Indivisible" - Vinyl yesterday. "Sound in time" should be the next re-release. PLEASE!

By: Daring Hawk over 12 years ago

The vinyl was cool as hell. Whole package was kept quite simple but different at the time for LUNGFISH I thought. I hope they start playing/writing again. I'm sure the song writing would be wacked to hell but Mitchell would keep all the "SOUND IN TIME".

By: Daring Hawk over 12 years ago

La Darrell......what up...I heard u drove off a cliff? Hopefully it wasn't in the FIREBIRD because man u probably got a good lead.. Then again, RICH crofton people get new cars all the time so it was probably some JAP GARB. Just a joke my friend....

By: chris darrell over 12 years ago

The only thing remastered Darron is your shiny bald head.

By: Darron Holck over 12 years ago

Sean Meadows shines brighter with this remastered version. "Remastered" means much more than just some engineer "turning up the volume a bit" in this case. A+

By: Jason R Nelson almost 13 years ago

One of my favorites... hope to see it out on vinyl again soon. Anything in the works?

By: Alec B almost 13 years ago

The album was originally released on vinyl, but has been out of print for many years.

By: Anne Pasco almost 13 years ago

Did this album ever happen on vinyl? I'm a long time fan, and conceptually this is my favorite Lungfish album.

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Dischord 097 Lungfish Sound In Time

Lungfish's fourth full-length, released in 1996.

This LP pressing is on METALLIC GOLD.

Recorded: September 1995
CD Re-mastered: 2004

Daniel Higgs vocals
Asa Osborne guitar
Sean Meadows bass
Mitchell Feldstein drums

1. Constellations
2. To Whom You Were Born
3. Jonah
4. Solid State
5. X-Ray The Pharaoh
6. Signpost
7. Sphere Of Influence
8. The Cipher
9. Panic and Hysteria
10. Constellations (part 2)
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By