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Until the Eagle Grins


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By: Andreas Hauser about 1 year ago permalink

Yeah, please do a reissue of this amazing album, leave the cover art and mastering as it is.

By: Yanick Carpentier over 3 years ago permalink

Hey all at Dischord, Any chance of a new run of vinyl pressing of this amazing record? Don't need a remaster, it is perfect as it is!

By: amber m minarchick over 5 years ago permalink

this is a hugely slept on LP. i’ve loved it since i first heard it 15+ yrs ago. I’ve always wanted a repress or remastered repress. Any chance Dischord?

By: Steve Kroodsma over 6 years ago permalink

Managed to find a copy of both this and Route 7 for a reasonable price on vinyl. But I, too, would love a reissue of these classic albums.

By: Amber M Minarchick about 7 years ago permalink

I would love to see this remastered on CD and especially vinyl! Jeff...Ian..are you there?

By: paul foster over 7 years ago permalink

one of my favourite dischord releases.

By: Ryan Chamberlain about 9 years ago permalink

this is a serious contender for a remaster/reissue!!! Along with "Solid Brass" and "Artificial Horizon"

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Dischord 098 Crownhate Ruin Until the Eagle Grins

Buy Digital $7CD out of stock
LP W/ Damaged Packaging out of stock

We have recently come into a handful of LPs. These are old stock and the covers are lightly scuffed, but the vinyl is new and unplayed.

The debut LP by The Crownhate Ruin. Released in 1996.

This album is out of print on CD and 12" LP. However it is available as a digital download.

Joseph McRedmond
guitar, vocals
Frederick Erskine
bass, vocals
Vin Novara

1. Ride Your Ride + queue
2. Late Arriving Rock Dudes + queue
3. Stretched Too Thin + queue
4. In The Four Years To Come + queue
5. Every Minutes Sucker + queue
6. Tornado Season Finale + queue
7. Better Still If They Don't Know + queue
8. Piss Alley + queue
9. You Will Wish Me Dead + queue
10. Blood Relative + queue
Recorded At
WGNS Studios by
Produced By
Geoff Turner