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By: Mr M S Bissell over 8 years ago

I would love to see this re-issued. CD, 7" or hi-res downloads; I don't mind. But this would complete my Lungfishyness.

By: Don Sellner over 9 years ago

Please reissue this !!!

By: Addison Pollock almost 12 years ago

Yes, please make these songs available for download. I too heard it on KCRW with Henry Rollins and Ian. I can't stop listening to that show to hear "Savings".

By: Patrick Yatchak almost 12 years ago

You can hear the song Savings on the Henry Rollins radio show. Ian was the guest and played the song.
Would love to see this made available again--in any format. 35 bucks on ebay--boo.

By: Anthony R Venne over 12 years ago

I concur… this would be great to be able to download.

By: benjamin lokiec over 12 years ago

Please make available for download.

By: Lee Jones almost 13 years ago

Any plans to make this available for download?

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Dischord 099.5 Lungfish 10 East

Three songs by Lungfish, released in 1995.

This 7-inch is out of print.