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By: Kevin Young about 2 years ago

A reissue on clear vinyl would be nice

By: Jeffrey Struck about 10 years ago

Ah...just scored a used CD of this for a mere $7 today, thus completing my lungfish collection. So good!

By: paul foster over 11 years ago

Received my vinyl earlier.Fantastic album.

blessed oblivion indeed.

By: Steve Pollock over 11 years ago

my 2¢: all the Lungfish releases - and yes I own all the original CDs - warrant a fresh remastering (no Loudness Wars please!) with lossless (FLAC/ALAC) 24Bit-96 kHz digital download option. These recordings would positively shine in Hi-Rez!

By: Peter Wyatt almost 12 years ago

thanks for this!! I am now ready for the rest to be reissued.

By: Nathaniel M Landry almost 12 years ago

A perfect record by a remarkable band...Thanks for the reissue!

By: david leavesley almost 12 years ago

Here's another vote for a CD reissue of this album. It's practically impossible to get hold of a copy at the moment without having to spend silly money...

By: Matthew Horne about 12 years ago

These 3 OOP Lungfish ones would be nice to have again in a physical form: Indivisible, Sound in Time, and Artificial Horizon. I'd love to get them!

By: Andrei about 12 years ago

Like others, I prefer the actual LP or CD. A file on my computer is a poor substitute for something I can handle and, yes, even smell. That said, I appreciate Dischord's reissuing of so much great music.

By: Jason Rossi about 12 years ago

This must be reissued. I'm an old soul and I need to have a physical copy of this, not just a download.

By: Jeffrey Struck over 12 years ago

I enthusiastically support a reissue of this, the only Lungfish album I do not own...

By: Alec B about 13 years ago

No plans yet -- but we evaluate the interest in the next Lungfish reissue based on the response to the last. Tick Tock might just be the greatest song on earth.

By: Gavin Howells about 13 years ago

Any plans for a reissue on LP? The best Lungfish record in my humble opinion.

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Dischord 106 Lungfish Indivisible

Lungfish's fifth full-length LP, released in 1997.
This LP was re-issued in September 2012.

The current pressing is on blue vinyl. 

Daniel Higgs vocals
Asa Osborne guitar
Sean Meadows bass
Mitchell Feldstein drums

1. Indivisible
2. You Did Not Exist
3. e=fu
4. Urania
5. Organ Harvest
6. Yellow Sun
7. William Fuld
8. Tick Tock
9. Cut To Fit The Mouth
10. Fill The Days
11. Sin To Live
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Mixed By