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By: Sean Hoen over 9 years ago

You really wish there were studio recordings of this material... it's incredible.

By: Kazuko over 12 years ago

Happy Go Licky is amazing. They are great musicians. i wish they had recorded this in the studio before they stopped playing together

By: Jonthan Heckman over 12 years ago

This CD is great, if you like Fugazi I suggest giving this a try...sort of a missing link type of thing, in my stupid opinion. Would have been great if they had recorded a proper album, still rad though and better than decent sound here.

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Dischord 109 Happy Go Licky Will Play

This release compiles the six songs from Happy Go Licky's Peterbilt 12" with 15 previously unreleased recordings drawn from live tapes. Released in 1997.

Recorded Live:
November 1986

Guy Picciotto
vocals & guitar
Eddie Janney
bass & vocals
Michael Fellows
guitar & vocals
Brendan Canty

1. Ansol
2. Peterbilt
3. Brigham Young
4. White Lines
5. Torso Butter
6. Casing
7. Twist and Shout
8. Pastel Blue Eyes
9. Abandon Me
10. 13 Months of Sunshine
11. Suzuki
12. Boca Raton
13. Born Like Steam
14. Battery
15. Don't Bone Me
16. Cutthroat Answer
17. Pastel Blue Eyes (version)
18. Suzuki (version)
19. Ansol (version)
20. Casing (version)
21. D.I.Y. Ansol
Recorded At
9:30 Club by
Mixed By
Ian Mackaye and HGL