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By: John W Kneip over 3 years ago

I just called to see about digital format...Unfortunately, Dischord does not have back-catalog stuff available in a digital format anywhere.

How can we make this happen, folks?

By: Robert Katano almost 5 years ago

A restock may not be in demand, but it’s needed

By: Jason Braddock about 5 years ago

Is there a digital download/mp3 purchase version of this record available?

By: Mike Shear over 12 years ago

One of the greatest albums I've ever heard. Wish I could replace the scratched copy I have, but doubtful that will ever happen now.

By: Jason R Nelson over 12 years ago

Very powerful album. I wish I could have seen them play live.

By: Josh lambert over 12 years ago

We all need this album.

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Dischord 111.5 Kerosene 454 Came By To Kill Me