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By: M Thomas over 7 years ago

It's like $50 - $150 on Discogs, shocking!

By: M Thomas over 7 years ago

Re-issue please!

By: Levi Cecil over 9 years ago

I have the original vinyl of this, but I would gladly buy a reissue, especially if it was a 2XLP with the entire album. The original is missing the track "A Good Day," which is one of my favorites.

By: Philip Leitch almost 10 years ago

Great album that sadly I do not have on vinyl (thought I did, I don’t). Would happily buy a reissue.

pretty please.

By: Kemp Herbster over 11 years ago

Count me in on a reissue!

By: Chris Wolfe about 12 years ago

I second on the reissue of this on lp. Con Art has always seen to be one of the most slept on dischord releases in my opinion. do you guys have extra stock of this sitting around anywhere? i just got a postcard made from a lp cover of this album. In recent times con art seems to be one of the hardest records to find on dischord. If you have any covers laying around, it would be awesome to do the same type of limited release just like the hoover and ignition lps. that would be the best, since so many great bands from the dc area started with smart went crazy

By: Jason R Nelson over 12 years ago

Any plans for a vinyl re-issue?

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Dischord 112 Smart Went Crazy Con Art

The second full length album by Smart Went Crazy, released in 1997.

This album is out of print on CD and LP. However, the songs are available as a digital MP3 download.

Chad Clark 
guitar & vocals
Abram Goodrich
Jeff Boswell
Hilary Soldati
cello & organ
Devin Ocampo

1. Black Kites
2. Exitfare
3. A Brief Conversation Ending in Divorce
4. Immutable Beauty
5. Con Art
6. Baker's Chocolate
7. DC Will Do That To You
8. DC Will Do That To You (part 2)
9. Let X=X
10. Funny As In Funny Ha-Ha
11. Bullfighter
12. Holds Up Her Hand, Blocks Out The Sun
13. Song of the Dodo
14. Tight Frame Loose Frame
15. A Good Day
16. So Speaks the Queen Bee
17. Tijuana 3/28/96
18. Now We're Even
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Produced By
Chad Clark and SWC