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By: Andrew Polson about 2 years ago permalink

A reissue would change my life

By: Andrew Polson about 2 years ago permalink

A reissue would change my life

By: Will Von Holck over 2 years ago permalink

I'm going to guess they will re-release this sometime around 2018. Hopefully.

By: Ian Cox over 2 years ago permalink

Currently a Discogs seller is asking $160 for the LP. I've never seen it dip below $80. C'mon Dischord, we love you but we Lungfishians have waited long enough!!

By: John Bowles almost 3 years ago permalink

I agree!! Reissue please!! I want to buy this kick ass record. One of the greatest ever.

By: Paul Moore about 3 years ago permalink

Well, since no one has said in anything in awhile, I'll say it again: reissue this on vinyl please!

By: Ian Cox almost 4 years ago permalink

Not to be redundant but this classic needs to be reissued as soon as humanly possible on any and all physical formats!!

By: Joshua White over 4 years ago permalink

Reissue this immediately!

By: brian przybylski over 4 years ago permalink

another vote for a vinyl repress!

By: bob dewey almost 5 years ago permalink

Please reissue this on CD and/or vinyl. Will buy both; it's become my favorite album by these guys.

By: paday over 5 years ago permalink

Please reissue this on vinyl!! please please please please pleaaaaaaase!!!!!

By: Thomas Costello almost 6 years ago permalink

This LP is currently going for $61 on ebay, please reissue. Just saying.

By: Tim Hemendinger over 6 years ago permalink

A 12" reissue of this would be absolutely amazing.

By: paul foster over 6 years ago permalink

this album destroyed my speakers but it was worth it..

By: david leavesley almost 7 years ago permalink

I'll definitely buy a copy of this one if you chaps ever do a CD reissue. The only Lungfish albums I'm missing on CD are this one and "Indivisible"...

By: Andrei about 7 years ago permalink

Again, a reissue of this album would be great.

By: Daring Hawk over 7 years ago permalink

My vinyl of this had a real cool euro style cover sleeve, I guess they were all that way. Man, you gotta love ex-girlfriends. Yup, she got it....

By: Mark Pino over 8 years ago permalink

One of the heaviest albums of the 1990's!

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Dischord 115 Lungfish Artificial Horizon

Buy Digital $712" LP out of stock

This album is out of print on CD and 12" LP. However the album and songs are available in digital MP3 format.

Lungfish's sixth full-length LP, released in 1998.

Daniel Higgs
Asa Osborne
Nathan Bell
Mitchell Feldstein

1. Black Helicopters + queue
2. Oppress Yourself + queue
3. Amnesiac + queue
4. Love Will Ruin Your Mind + queue
5. Ann The Word + queue
6. Slip of Existence + queue
7. Free State + queue
8. Truth Cult + queue
9. Shed the World + queue
10. Pray for the Living + queue
11. Light for All + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios