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By: Ian Cox almost 9 years ago

A box set would simply be amazing, planets be damned!!

By: Benjamin Goulet over 12 years ago

I have been a fan of Lungfish for over 15 years. I believe Lungfish fans are some of the most devoted music fans out there. I wish there was an online community about Lungfish so people could connect, share, etc. Anyone want to start one with me?

I was curious about live releases. There are bootlegs floating around, but a live box set would be amazing. Or maybe a book written by fans -- memories, song interpretations, who knows...

By: Schiplage over 12 years ago

Good news, Alec. Thanks!

By: Alec Bee over 12 years ago

We are releasing that album in 2012! It's their ACR Session -- about 1/2 the tracks made it on Necrophones (re-recorded) the others have never been released. Stay tuned!

By: Darron Holck over 12 years ago

Somewhere (in there) meaning the LUNGFISH cannon, is an unreleased record. A friend of mine recorded a full album sometime around 2000-2001. But they scrapped it, and went back to Don. The "friend" out of respect to LUNGFISH, never played any of it for me...Damn!

By: Max van Ginneken almost 13 years ago

I will be buying this as soon as I have sufficient disposable income.

By: Robert W. Swanson almost 13 years ago

"Space Orgy" is arguably this band's best song and there should be no other reason to pick up this LP, really.

Having said that, I purchased the this "remastered" LP, downloaded the mp3 with it and compared the audio fidelity with the Apple Lossless version I ripped from my original CD years back. Guess what? The original's master was always "softer" (-10db?) than most albums, and this revision does nothing to change that, rather the "remaster" simply sounds a tad less muddy.

Still, Unanimous Hour is a must for Lungfish fans, just there's little reason to re-buy it, unless you're like me and you're thinning out your CDs and you want it on vinyl.

By: Eric Trout about 13 years ago

Nice to see a reissue of this. not that I need a new copy, but...still hoping for a reissue of Talking Songs, though...

You should do the whole Lungfish catalog at 45rpm. Haha. Not that I'm really joking.

By: Alec B about 13 years ago

The idea of a box set has definitely been bantered around but the planets would have to align on a lot of different fronts for it to happen. Keep pushing though!

By: Schiplage about 13 years ago

Have you ever thought of an entirely Lungfish box set? Including the "10 east" 7 inch as well? Remastered. And - please - some unreleased material. Dreamed about it.

By: Gavin Howells about 13 years ago

1 LP please, Sir!

By: Jason R Nelson about 13 years ago

Food for the soul. I need a second helping.

By: Alec B about 13 years ago

You heard it here first -- "Unanimous Hour" CD and LP being re-issued and tentatively scheduled for a mid June release.

By: Robert Shank-Davey over 13 years ago

yes, this is one of there finest, up there with "rainbows from atoms" & "sound in time"; someone 'permanently-borrowed' mine, and with risk of sounding materialist, I have been awaiting a re-cut so that I may reclaim a physical copy to 'pass & stow' to my children; I have also lamented the outfits passing and have been waundering the musical wilderness ever since...

By: Alec B over 13 years ago

You got it right, Max! This is probably my favorite Lungfish album. It kills me that it's out of print.

By: Max van Ginneken over 13 years ago

Shame this is out of print. I consider this to be Lungfish's strongest album and used to pop it in my player every week. Well, until I lost my CD. Guess I'll have to find it elsewhere.

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Dischord 117 Lungfish The Unanimous Hour

Lungfish's seventh album, released in 1999.

This album was re-issued on both CD and LP+MP3 in June 2011.

Daniel Higgs vocals
Asa Osborne guitar
Nathan Bell bass
Mitchell FeldsteinĀ drums

1. Space Orgy
2. Web of Mirrors
3. Searchlight
4. Vulgar Theories
5. God's Will
6. Mated
7. Metatron
8. Sands of Time
9. Return to the Caves
10. Hallucinatorium
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Mixed By
Ian MacKaye and Lungfish