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The Unanimous Hour


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By: Ian Cox almost 4 years ago permalink

A box set would simply be amazing, planets be damned!!

By: Benjamin Goulet over 7 years ago permalink

I have been a fan of Lungfish for over 15 years. I believe Lungfish fans are some of the most devoted music fans out there. I wish there was an online community about Lungfish so people could connect, share, etc. Anyone want to start one with me?

I was curious about live releases. There are bootlegs floating around, but a live box set would be amazing. Or maybe a book written by fans -- memories, song interpretations, who knows...

By: Schiplage over 7 years ago permalink

Good news, Alec. Thanks!

By: Alec Bee over 7 years ago permalink

We are releasing that album in 2012! It's their ACR Session -- about 1/2 the tracks made it on Necrophones (re-recorded) the others have never been released. Stay tuned!

By: Darron Holck over 7 years ago permalink

Somewhere (in there) meaning the LUNGFISH cannon, is an unreleased record. A friend of mine recorded a full album sometime around 2000-2001. But they scrapped it, and went back to Don. The "friend" out of respect to LUNGFISH, never played any of it for me...Damn!

By: Max van Ginneken almost 8 years ago permalink

I will be buying this as soon as I have sufficient disposable income.

By: Robert W. Swanson almost 8 years ago permalink

"Space Orgy" is arguably this band's best song and there should be no other reason to pick up this LP, really.

Having said that, I purchased the this "remastered" LP, downloaded the mp3 with it and compared the audio fidelity with the Apple Lossless version I ripped from my original CD years back. Guess what? The original's master was always "softer" (-10db?) than most albums, and this revision does nothing to change that, rather the "remaster" simply sounds a tad less muddy.

Still, Unanimous Hour is a must for Lungfish fans, just there's little reason to re-buy it, unless you're like me and you're thinning out your CDs and you want it on vinyl.

By: Eric Trout almost 8 years ago permalink

Nice to see a reissue of this. not that I need a new copy, but...still hoping for a reissue of Talking Songs, though...

You should do the whole Lungfish catalog at 45rpm. Haha. Not that I'm really joking.

By: Alec B almost 8 years ago permalink

The idea of a box set has definitely been bantered around but the planets would have to align on a lot of different fronts for it to happen. Keep pushing though!

By: Schiplage almost 8 years ago permalink

Have you ever thought of an entirely Lungfish box set? Including the "10 east" 7 inch as well? Remastered. And - please - some unreleased material. Dreamed about it.

By: Gavin Howells almost 8 years ago permalink

1 LP please, Sir!

By: Jason R Nelson about 8 years ago permalink

Food for the soul. I need a second helping.

By: Alec B about 8 years ago permalink

You heard it here first -- "Unanimous Hour" CD and LP being re-issued and tentatively scheduled for a mid June release.

By: Robert Shank-Davey over 8 years ago permalink

yes, this is one of there finest, up there with "rainbows from atoms" & "sound in time"; someone 'permanently-borrowed' mine, and with risk of sounding materialist, I have been awaiting a re-cut so that I may reclaim a physical copy to 'pass & stow' to my children; I have also lamented the outfits passing and have been waundering the musical wilderness ever since...

By: Alec B over 8 years ago permalink

You got it right, Max! This is probably my favorite Lungfish album. It kills me that it's out of print.

By: Max van Ginneken over 8 years ago permalink

Shame this is out of print. I consider this to be Lungfish's strongest album and used to pop it in my player every week. Well, until I lost my CD. Guess I'll have to find it elsewhere.

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Dischord 117 Lungfish The Unanimous Hour

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Lungfish's seventh album, released in 1999.

This album was re-issued on both CD and LP+MP3 in June 2011.

Daniel Higgs
Asa Osborne
Nathan Bell
Mitchell Feldstein

1. Space Orgy + queue
2. Web of Mirrors + queue
3. Searchlight + queue
4. Vulgar Theories + queue
5. God's Will + queue
6. Mated + queue
7. Metatron + queue
8. Sands of Time + queue
9. Return to the Caves + queue
10. Hallucinatorium + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios
Mixed By
Ian MacKaye and Lungfish