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By: Bob Monroe almost 2 years ago

Will we ever see a reissue of this? The aftermarket prices are pretty insane and I would like to snag a copy without spending a ton of money. Thanks!!

By: Alec Michael Schnittker about 2 years ago

@Thomas, I'd assume this will come back in print. I think I grabbed my copy 2 years ago or so from here. Maybe when vinyl production picks up again and wait lists and times go down. Good luck!

By: Thomas F Brown almost 3 years ago

Hello Dischord! are Hammered Hull and One Last Wish vinyl releases going to be in stock ever again? or should I quit dreaming and buy the digital files? I heard both bands on Rollins radio show on KCRW and was both elated, blown away and sad that it took me until recently to hear of the existence of these two powerhouse bands. Thomas F Brown

By: Louis Anthony Medina about 3 years ago

Anything with Guy Picciotto is an instant classic

By: John Massel over 11 years ago

Why, oh why do all the good bands die young?

By: Lawrence Kole almost 12 years ago

I happened to come across this at my local record store Vertigo Music in Grand Rapids, MI. Being a huge Rites of Spring and Fugazi fan and seeing Canty and Picciotto were on it, I knew I had to check it out. So glad I did! Amazing record!

By: Erick Cuevas over 12 years ago

got my record a week ago, never had such nice treatment for just buying a record before. Dischord, you got a customer for life!

By: Phil Campeau over 13 years ago

This may be my favourite Dischord release. Absolute shame they broke up so quickly.

Listening to this record helped me understand how incredibly important Guy Picciotto was to the sound of Fugazi.

Thanks for releasing this!

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Dischord 118 One Last Wish 1986

This album was re-issued onto 12" LP for the first time in December 2008 (mastered and cut at Chicago Mastering Service).

This pressing of the LP is on Sea Glass Green Vinyl.

Michael Hampton guitar, vocals
Brendan Canty drums
Edward Janney vocals, bass
Guy Picciotto vocals, guitar

1. Hide
2. Burning in the Undertow
3. Break to Broken
4. Friendship is Far
5. My Better Half
6. Loss Like A Seed
7. Three Unkind Silences
8. Shadow
9. Sleep of the Stage
10. One Last Wish
11. This Time
12. Home Is the Place
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios November 6-8 1986
Produced By
Ian Mackaye and OLW
Mastered By
Chicago Mastering Service