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By: Joseph A Dasilva about 2 years ago

Looking at album reviews when released vs 10yrs later is fun, seeing writers that saw the wave filmed from shore on YouTube rather than being there, riding it.

Time dulls the clamor of a new album, but often misses to consider what was going on when published.

Q and Not U's No Kill No Beep Beep was at a point in time where America was on the knife's edge of naive freedom and knowing for the first time since 1940 what fear felt like.

We will never experience the America Q and Not U sang about again.

Andrew D., Alloutdoor - The Path Less Traveled

By: brian behnke over 9 years ago

Classic album.

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Dischord 123 Q And Not U No Kill No Beep Beep

Q and Not U's first full-length record, released in 2000.

Chris Richards  guitar & vocals
Harris Klahr guitar & vocals
Matt Borlik bass & vocals
John Davis drums & vocals

1. Line In The Sand
2. End the Washington Monument (Blinks Goodnight)
3. Fever Sleeves
4. Hooray For Humans
5. Kiss Distinctly American
6. We Heart our Hive
7. Lil' Sparky
8. The More I Get, The More I Want
9. Y Plus White Girl
10. Nine Things Everybody Knows
11. Sleeping The Terror Code
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Ian MacKaye