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By: Richard N. Leigh over 7 years ago permalink

Be forewarned that the "Bonus Compilation" that comes with this box set includes several tracks of dubious audio quality. Of the 14 tracks, only 5 are in 320 kbps. There are 7 tracks in 128 kbps, 1 in 160 kbps, and 1 in 192 kbps. I asked, and they said that this was the best audio quality they had.

By: John Claus over 8 years ago permalink

Any plans to release a digital version of this?

By: Viktor about 9 years ago permalink

Must have for this money and in general.
Cheers from Russia =)

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Dischord 125 Various Artists 20 Years of Dischord

Three CDs, two of previously released material, one of previously unreleased material.

The Rare & Unreleased songs from the third disc have also been released separately as an MP3 Download.

page booklet
video clips
October 2002
Disc Editing by
Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios
Enhanced CD editing by
Guillaume Bernardeau & Chris Mills at Rhed Studios

Disc One

  1. Teen Idles Get Up and Go
  2. The Untouchables Nic Fit
  3. State of Alert Public Defender
  4. Minor Threat Screaming at a Wall
  5. Void Dehumanized
  6. Youth Brigade Barbed Wire
  7. Government Issue Rock 'n' Roll Bullshit
  8. Scream Fight/American Justice
  9. Iron Cross Live for Now
  10. Red C Pressure's On
  11. Deadline Stolen Youth
  12. Artificial Peace Suburban Wasteland
  13. Faith Subject to Change
  14. Skewbald Sorry/Change for the Same
  15. Marginal Man Missing Rungs
  16. Gray Matter Oscar's Eye
  17. Rites of Spring Drink Deep
  18. Beefeater Just Things
  19. The Snakes Snake Rap
  20. Dag Nasty Circles
  21. Embrace Money
  22. Soulside Punch the Geek
  23. Egg Hunt We All Fall Down
  24. One Last Wish This Time
  25. Fire Party Cake
  26. Ignition Rebuilding
  27. Three Domino Days
  28. Shudder to Think Red House
  29. Happy Go Licky Twist and Shout

Disc Two

  1. Fugazi Blueprint
  2. Lungfish Friend to Friend in Endtime
  3. Fidelity Jones Destructor
  4. The Nation of Ulysses Spectra Sonic Sound
  5. Holy Rollers Perfect Sleeper
  6. Jawbox Motorist
  7. Severin People are Wrong
  8. The High-Back Chairs Summer
  9. Autoclave I'll Take You Down
  10. Circus Lupus Pop Man
  11. Branch Manager Mr. Weekend
  12. Slant 6 What Kind of Monster Are You?
  13. Hoover Cable
  14. Trusty Goodbye, Dr. Fate
  15. Smart Went Crazy A Good Day
  16. The Crownhate Ruin Piss Alley
  17. The Warmers Poked it With a Stick
  18. The Make-Up They Live By Night
  19. Bluetip Castanet
  20. Faraquet Cut Self Not
  21. Q and Not U Hooray for Humans

Disc Three (unreleased)

  1. Teen Idles Get Up and Go
  2. Teen Idles Deadhead
  3. Untouchables Stepping Stone
  4. State Of Alert Draw Blank
  5. Minor Threat Straight Edge (live)
  6. Minor Threat Understand
  7. Government Issue Snubbing
  8. Government Issue Asshole (with Ian)
  9. Minor Threat Asshole Dub
  10. Youth Brigade I Object
  11. Rozzlyn Rangers Rozzlyn Rangers
  12. Void Black, Jewish and Poor
  13. Void Authority (take 1 and 2)
  14. Scream Search for Employment
  15. Deadline No Revolution
  16. Faith No Choice
  17. Marginal Man Manipulator
  18. Dag Nasty All Ages Show
  19. Fugazi The Word
  20. Fugazi Burning (live)
  21. Shudder to Think Drop Dead Don't Blink
  22. Circus Lupus We Are The One (Rare)
  23. Slant 6 Are You Human?
  24. Interview 6 live video clips (Teen Idles, Untouchables, S.O.A.,Faith, Void, and Deadline)