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Box Set Bonus Tracks 2000-2008


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By: Miroslawa Zak over 5 years ago permalink

Unless you're an audiophile, the quality of these tracks seem just fine to me. Maybe different playback equipment results in different audio quality...

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Dischord 125a Various Artists Box Set Bonus Tracks 2000-2008

This MP3 Compilation is an update to the 20 Years of Dischord Box Set. It features the 14 bands who have had releases since 2000 (all tracks are previously released). This compilation is also being offered as a free download with the purchase of the 20 Years of Dischord Box Set.

1. Capitol City Dusters: Not Me Now + queue
2. El Guapo: Just Don't Know + queue
3. Beauty Pill: Prison Song + queue
4. Edie Sedgwick: Sissy Spacek + queue
5. The Pupils: It's Good To Have Met You + queue
6. Black Eyes: Speaking In Tongues + queue
7. The Evens: Around The Corner + queue
8. Medications: The Perfect Target + queue
9. Aquarium: White House + queue
10. Antelope: Reflector + queue
11. French Toast: Off Center + queue
12. Channels: The Licensee + queue
13. Joe Lally: Via Nomentana + queue
14. Soccer Team: Solid Ring Fighters + queue