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By: Cameron Dagg over 1 year ago

155 Pod sent me here! who else loves blink-182, Fugazi, and specifically this record?

By: Caleb MacKenzie-Margulies over 1 year ago

hey! i was wondering if you knew - why aren't there any shirts for sale on this website with the album cover? feel like it would lowkey make a bangin' design

By: Caleb MacKenzie-Margulies over 1 year ago

huge Fugazi fan but had never heard this album until 155 Podcast talked about it. bought the LP and it just arrived in the mail. currently transcending while listening to Full Disclosure. anyone still rocking this in 2022?

By: Marsden Ashe almost 2 years ago

155 pod brought me here! Who else is still rocking to the argument in 2022?

By: manuel almost 8 years ago

pedazo de banda!

By: David Burke almost 11 years ago

In my opinion, it's some of their best work. I love this band more than words can express.

By: daniel koury about 11 years ago

had this on CD since it came out when i was in i just lost it in a move. great to finally get it on vinyl with the rest of there set! still my favorite band of all time!

By: Kazuko about 12 years ago

Happy 50th birthday Ian!

By: CYRUS over 13 years ago

if this is the end, then what a glorious way to go. best record ever

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Dischord 130 Fugazi The Argument

This is Fugazi's sixth full-length record, released in 2001. The 12" LP format was re-cut and re-issued in August 2009.

Originally Released: 2001

Ian MacKaye vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto vocals & guitar
Joe Lally bass & vocals on Track 6
Brendan Canty drums
Jerry Busher  2nd drums & percussion

1. Intro
2. Cashout
3. Full Disclosure
4. Epic Problem
5. Life and Limb
6. The Kill
7. Strangelight
8. Oh
9. Ex-Spectator
10. Nightshop
11. Argument
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Don Zientara & Fugazi