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By: Ryan Hamilton over 1 year ago

Repress please

By: Kevin Young about 2 years ago

Another great record that needs a repress. This would be great in purple or red vinyl.

By: Joshua Machniak almost 8 years ago

Simply and truly a great record.

By: Joel Morales over 10 years ago

Such an amazing album, is it ever going to be repressed on vinyl? Please say yes.

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Dischord 131 Pupils s/t

The Pupils' first full-length record, released in 2002.

Daniel Higgs vocals
Asa Osborne guitar

1. All the People
2. Fountain Flame
3. It's Good to Have Met You
4. Mysterium
5. Lamb With Human Hands
6. Witness the Sidewalk Weeping Pools of Martian Brine
7. Take the Time to Tell Them
8. I Will Remain Human For Another Day
9. untitled
10. Jesus Christ
11. The Mind is a Hole in the Body
12. Go to Gone
Recorded At
At Home
Mixed By
The Pupils & Chad Clark at Silver Sonya