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By: Joshua Machniak about 3 years ago permalink

Simply and truly a great record.

By: Joel Morales over 5 years ago permalink

Such an amazing album, is it ever going to be repressed on vinyl? Please say yes.

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Dischord 131 Pupils s/t

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The Pupils' first full-length record, released in 2002.

The 12" LP comes with a free MP3 download when purchased from Dischord.

Daniel Higgs
Asa Osborne

1. All the People + queue
2. Fountain Flame + queue
3. It's Good to Have Met You + queue
4. Mysterium + queue
5. Lamb With Human Hands + queue
6. Witness the Sidewalk Weeping Pools of Martian Brine + queue
7. Take the Time to Tell Them + queue
8. I Will Remain Human For Another Day + queue
9. untitled + queue
10. Jesus Christ + queue
11. The Mind is a Hole in the Body + queue
12. Go to Gone + queue
Recorded At
At Home
Mixed By
The Pupils & Chad Clark at Silver Sonya