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Radio CPR: Begin Live Transmission


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Dischord 136 Various Artists Radio CPR: Begin Live Transmission

Proceeds from the sales of this album go to Radio CPR

  1. Bancroft Elementary students Station ID Mt. Pleasant Mic Test
  2. Vertibrates Asteroids
  3. Pasha Nah (Who's the Underground?)
  4. El Vez Station ID
  5. Short Stack Offer Still Stands
  6. Pigeons Can't Get to Heaven
  7. Interview: Buildings in Ruins
  8. RaRaFre+Am Fifi
  9. Head-Roc Enuff
  10. EBSK Fingers
  11. Interview: Mt. Pleasant Street Mariachis
  12. Machetres Do
  13. Afi Same Ol'
  14. Chaos or Community station ID
  15. Scaramouche Walter Winchell
  16. Et At It Doubletree
  17. Tenants Rights Radio Station ID
  18. Crucial Defect Pants Will Make You Smarter
  19. Canyon 10 Good Eyes
  20. Interview: Community activist talks about Archbishop Oscar Romero
  21. Measles Mumps Rubella White Flight
  22. Interview: One take on war and peace
  23. 1905 Throw
  24. Turned Tables Station ID
  25. Optimistic Tribe So Excited
  26. Tina Pamintuan Texas
  27. Sounds of Kaleidoscope Sun Set
  28. French Toast Breakfast
  29. CPR DJs At a protest
  30. El Guapo Beam is a Noun
  31. Deep Lust The Peeing Song
  32. People's Music Hour Station ID
  33. Trance and the Arcade Glitch 'n Paste
  34. Mt. Pleasant Street Mariachis
  35. We've Got To Love Each Other

Mastered By
Chad Clark at Silver Sonya
Compiled By
Radio CPR