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By: Sean Koepenick about 3 years ago

Will their be another repress of the vinyl since it sold out so quickly?

By: Will Von Holck over 5 years ago

Great record from DISCHORD'S longest running band. (And their only band not from D.C.).

By: Ryan Sibert over 5 years ago

Pretty, pretty please reissue this monster.

By: Sean Hoen almost 10 years ago

I blew it by not buying these late Lungfish releases on vinyl and I'm so surprised to find that they aren't reissued. You'd figure there'd be the market. Love is Love is my favorite record they made... I look forward to finding it on vinyl...

By: shota chkhetia about 11 years ago

it would be really great if there was lyrics section for lungfish. cause its kinda hard to find lyrics online

By: Matthew M Schulz over 12 years ago

another classic. was this re-mastered?

By: Fig Helman over 13 years ago

Brilliant album cover, maybe Daniel's best (and hey, great music too!).

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Dischord 137 Lungfish Love is Love

This is Lungfish's 10th full-length album, released in 2003.

The 12" LP is now on red vinyl.

Daniel Higgs vocals
Asa Osborne guitar
Sean Meadows bass
Mitchell Feldstein drums

1. Love is Love
2. This World
3. Fearfully and Wonderfully
4. Hear the Children Sing
5. Lay Yourself Aside
6. Nation Saving Song
7. Unfold the Leg
8. No False Suns
9. Peace Mountains of Peace
10. Child of Chaos
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Lungfish & Ian MacKaye